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1376331324_02 exterior.jpg
1376331077_02 interior.jpg
1376331080_03 interior.jpg
1376331081_04 interior.jpg
1376331364_06 interior.jpg
1376331358_05 interior.jpg


august 2012 | hospitality | hinton, OK

This 38,000 sf casino is situated upon 20 acres of existing Delaware Nation trust land. The facility consists of a 21,000 sf gaming floor that houses approximately 600 slot machines, four black jack tables, four poker tables, and a high limit slot machine area.  The front-of-house  provides guests with a bar space, quick grab-n-go snack area, and a full-service dining restaurant. The building contains necessary back-of-house services required for full casino operation, including secure cashier and cage spaces, operational office suite, security check-in, gaming commission offices and a gaming surveillance suite.