Leam Drilling Systems, LLC

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The LEAM Industrial Complex is a two-phase project located on N. Santa Fe and the Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma City. The complex serves as a regional headquarters for LEAM, as well as a fully-operating manufacturing and product maintenance plant. The building design features a modern aesthetic expressing a progressive, dynamic image of the industry leader.

The largest building in the complex holds administration, shop, labs and warehouse space. The central portion of the building is the face of the complex and houses the reception area, conference rooms, and executive offices. The metal panel construction is representative of the highly technical nature of the client’s business operations. A large roof canopy projects over the entry walk providing shelter for visitors and identifying the main entrance. A slanted entry vestibule brings the roof structure down to a human level while guiding guests and business associates into the expansive reception area. The two wings of the main building which house the shops and labs were constructed of tilt-up concrete panels intended to be a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution for the client’s needs and representative of the strength of their product.

Phase l of the project consists of the large administrative and shop building, as well as an inspection building and major site improvements. Phase ll consists of a precision machine shop and a recreational pavilion. Construction of Phase l is scheduled to begin in March 2013.