Norman North

NORMAN NORTH HIGH SCHOOL - College & Career Center, Freshman Academy And Learning Commons

AIP was selected by Norman Public Schools to plan the renovation and addition of a College & Career Center, Freshman Academy, and Learning Commons to Norman North High School.

The Freshman Academy features a new entrance with an enhanced glass "wall of technology" serving as a characteristic element at the new entrance. The Freshman Academy offers a home base for freshman to become acclimated to high school and focus on their future.

Renovation of the Learning Commons/Media Center includes the use of surrounding spaces and the existing library to restore a centralized, functional reorganization more suited to the new and diversified needs of the library. The desire was to insert a single architectural element, a program to provide a new "Learning Commons" as an extension of the Student Commons with a flexible environment. Enclosed in an elegant transparent glass box, the new "Learning Commons" reclaims its importance to the school.

Reflecting the multifaceted nature of their curricula, the College & Career Center provides spaces for students across the entire building and its programs to interact and collaborate. The atrium features a floating architectural volume to be used as the Media Studio’s Broadcasting Booth. As college bound students are engaged in their everyday learning activities, the expansive north façade of glass is the constant reminder of the outside world and the future.