Norman North Athletics

Norman North High School Athletics


Norman North High School had two separate locker room buildings, both of which were undersized for their functions. AIP was tasked with providing an addition to the existing weight room, as well as upgrades at the existing locker rooms and coaches’ offices. Instead of simply doing an addition to expand the weight room and interior renovations as requested, AIP provided a design that relocated the weight room as an addition to the more prominent Southern Locker Building. This solution created an opportunity to revitalize the entrance to the Athletic Campus while also satisfying all of Norman’s programmatic goals. The Weight Room addition is now a featured element at the approach to a new ticket booth. The baseball locker room was relocated to the North Building, directly adjacent to the baseball field, which freed up floor space to expand the football locker room and training room at the South Building. This design solution created a new robust identity to the Athletic Campus which mirrors the aesthetics of the Academic Additions which were also a part of the project.