University Center

University Center


University Center was designed to support advanced placement programs and dual-credit college courses for the students of Enid High School.

The building includes a “Distant Learning Center”, 16 classrooms, four laboratories, administrative offices, and multiple gathering/study spaces.

The architecture celebrates the original 1912 high school building in which it connects to, while creating a sophisticated collegiate vernacular through the use of reinterpreted neoclassical characteristics and traditional stone/brick materials. This design concept was carried through the interior by use of refined forms, understated colors, and rich wood wainscot.

The heart of the building is the expansive open-atrium which invites interaction, diversity, and versatility. The space includes custom designed study carrels for privacy, as well as movable furniture to allow the students to configure their own learning environments. A large flat screen monitor will be a highlight of the space, displaying student work, advertising programs, and promoting district activities; ultimately connecting the students with the public while creating an inherent sense of community within the building.